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Are YOU ready for 72 hours?
30% of companies do not have a business continuity plan
  • For those companies without a business continuity plan (BCP), should a major incident or disaster occur, most of these businesses will not recover.
  • A BCP or continuity of operations (COOP) is a plan for keeping your business viable during and after a major incident.

Risk Assessment
  • It's good business to know your risks.  It is better business to understand these risks and take appropriate action to reduce or mitigate the risks to an acceptable level.  While risk can never be totally eliminated, they can generally be managed or transferred (ie. insurance).
  • What are the hazards on your work site, the hazards on your street, the hazards in your neighbourhood, the hazards from neighbouring businesses.  How might these hazards impact your business? 
  • Many emergency managers are encouraging businesses to take an 'all risks" approach and to consider the "worst case scenario".  If you can handle this, you are well on your way to preparedness.

Tips and Tools
  • Encourage your employees to develop their own personal emergency preparedness plans at home.
  • Consider purchasing BCP or COOP computer software.  Many are on the market for various sized companies.
  • Consider hiring or contracting a business continuity professional who is certfied by an organization such as the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI Canada) to develop your plans.
  • Know your risks, manage your risks.
  • Ensure backup copies of important files and documents are maintained in a secure off-site location which is unlikely to suffer loss in the same major incident.
  • Once you have a plan, review it regularly and test it at least once a year.  Testing will help flush out areas that may have been missed or procedures which may not be practical.
  • This is by no means a comprehensive list.  Get Informed, Get Ready, Stay Ready.  It applies to business too!
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