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Are YOU ready for 72 hours?
Courtesy PS&EP Canada

Be Prepared, Not Scared

The Ontario Community Emergency Assistance Program (OCEAP) together with our community partners want to ensure that our local residents and businesses are prepared in the event of a disaster or other serious incident.  This site is dedicated to providing the people of Ontario with information and links that can be used to be prepared.  All levels of government are promoting the idea of being READY FOR 72.  We want all residents and businesses to plan for, and be ready to survive for 72 hours without outside assistance.

This site is divided into three parts.  The first part is for Individuals and familes.  Here you will find information and tips to be better prepared at home.  The second part is for Business.  Employers can encourage their employees to be better prepared at home as well as practising business continuity planning to ensure a continuity of operations for their business.  The third part of this site is a Link section which anyone can use to find out more information on Emergency Preparedness.


Every two weeks, we publish a new TIP for helping to get you and your family ready for any emergency which may come your way.  Check back often!

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